Asia Cup 2022 Qualifier Round: Schedule and Venue

Before the main event of Asia Cup 2022, the qualifier round will be played amongst the new teams. The main event will be hosted by Dubai, while the Qualifier round will be played in Oman. A total of six teams will be participating in the main event. Among these six teams, five are already decided Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and India.  the winning team will be placed as the sixth team in the main tournament. India will be defending the title against its name.

The battle of qualifiers will be played among four teams. Kuwait, UAE, Hong Kong and Singapore will fight for the single seat. The qualifier round will start on 20th August 2022 with the match between Singapore and Hong Kong. The matches will continue till 24th August. All the matches will be played at the Oman Cricket Academy Ground in Al Amerat. A total of 6 matches will be played among these four teams.

These four teams have come up after contesting in their respective regions in 2020. These contests took place under the supervision of ACC in the Western and Eastern regions. From the Eastern region, Hong Kong and Singapore won in Thailand and in Western Region, UAE and Kuwait won in Oman two years ago.

The Chairman of the Oman Cricket Board is very grateful to ACC for conducting this tournament in their country. He has assured a warm welcome with all facilities to the playing teams.

The six teams are divided into two groups. The winning team will be held at number 3 in Group A along with India and Pakistan. Group B is already decided with its 3 teams i.e. Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The main event will start on 27th August 2022 in UAE. The opening match will be played between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. The high tension match between Pakistan and India will follow the next day.

Betjee has prepared the table for the qualifier rounds along with their timing and venues. Stay connected to Betjee for more updates and information.

Date Match Venue Time GST
20th Aug 2022 Singapore vs Hong Kong Oman 1800
21st Aug 2022 UAE vs Kuwait Oman 1800
22nd Aug 2022 UAE vs Singapore Oman 1800
23rd Aug 2022 Kuwait vs Hong Kong Oman 1800
24th Aug 2022 Singapore vs Kuwait Oman 1800
24th Aug 2022  Hong Kong vs UAE Oman 1800