cricket asia cup 2022

Cricket Asia cup 2022 launch in August

So, the wait is over. Cricket Asia Cup 2022 , after a long duration of 4 years is about to commence. Asian Cricket Council has given this a go for this fight. The battle among six teams is about to begin. Cricket lovers must be looking forward to this tournament with waiting eyes.

The tournament was delayed for 2 years. It was played in 2018 last time and was scheduled to commence in 2020 in Pakistan but because of the political tensions, instability and mainly COVID, it was postponed till 2022. Now this, the 15th edition, is all set to launch in August – September 2022 on the grounds of Sri Lanka.

Cricket Asia Cup Background

asia cup 2022 teams list

It is one of the major events that the cricket world has. It carries a history since 1984. The 14th edition was held in UAE in 2018 in ODI format. India won the title with distinction, without losing a single match. Dhawan was the most successful player of the tournament with a huge amount of score against his name.

cricket asia cup 2022

Tournament Teams

A total of 6 teams will be contesting for this title. Out of 6, 5 have been decided. Those are:-

  1. Pakistan
  2. India
  3. Afghanistan
  4. Sri Lanka
  5. Bangladesh

However, the 6th team will be decided on the basis of winning the qualifying round. The qualifier round will be played on 27th August in Sri Lanka. The qualifier contestants are further divided into two categories:-

  1. Western Region
    1. Kuwait
    2. UAE
  2. Eastern Region
    1. Singapore
    2. Hong Kong

The Rule of Tournament 

It is the part of Future Tour Program and will be played under the guidelines of the International Cricket Council. The tournament was played in the ODI format last time, but from now on it will be played in the T20 format as per ACC and a total of 13 matches will be played in two months.

cricket asia cup 2022 schedule

The ACC has to formally announce the dates, venues and complete scheduling of the tournament which will be shared with you soon in our next article. However, the first qualifier match will start on 27th August 2022.

Summary of the Tournament

Tournament: Asia Cup 2022

Edition: 15th Edition

Conducted By: Asian Cricket Council or ACC

Host: Sri Lanka

Playing Format:          T20

Defending Champion: India

Defending Man of the Series: Shikhar Dhawan

Number of Participating Teams:         6 (1 Qualifier Round Winner)

Qualifiers: UAE, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Singapore

Dates of Tournament: August 2022-September 2022

Venue: Sri Lanka

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