Batters who can perform in India Vs Pak Match: Asia Cup 2022

The mother of all clashes in cricket is going to be held on 28 August 2022. The heat intensity of this match is touching the sky since the start of this year. Every eye is waiting for this match for their favorite team to win and then to enjoy later. In addition to the anxious wait, anticipations, expectations and predictions have already started from the cricket lovers of both traditional rivals.

This rivalry is not new to the world. It has been several decades since the inception of both countries. We have seen that rift in every field. Both cricket teams have encountered each other in the field a number of times, but we see that the intensity of the clash is increasing day by day. People of both nations cherish the result for a long time if their favorite team wins.

Keeping in view the agony and suspense of the result of the match, we have prepared an article to watch the most in-form players who can affect the match result.

Babar Azam in India Vs Pak Match: Asia Cup 2022

Pakistan team captain and no.1 T20 player in the world Babar Azam is the most in-form player in this high-intensity match. This gentleman has proved that he can single-handedly take care of the whole opposition with his batting performance. The recent performances shown by him are not undisclosed by anyone. He is in stellar form in recent fixtures in white ball cricket.

From the start of the year till now, he is amazing. Against Australia, he scored 66 in a single T20 match. Team Pakistan had only that T20 in 2022. Bad on the part of team management, who could not schedule the matches to give the team maximum practice in 20 over format.

Taking into consideration this, he has taken ODIs seriously and did not let them go in vain. In tests as well, he has improved his ranking this year.

Considering all these facts, he can outclass every bowler coming his way to maintain his rhythm. He can be one of the best Asia Cup 2022 batters.

Rohit Sharma in India Vs Pak Match: Asia Cup 2022

Rohit Sharma is appointed as team captain of the Indian cricket team. Kohli has been changed from captaincy as of his lack of form a few months ago. The hopes are touching the sky for the newly appointed captain with his batting as well as leading skills. He can perform against low-profile teams as well as one of the toughest Pakistan. His form has blown hot and cold in the T20s in 2022 till now.

After IPL, he could not perform in the T20 series in England. Though the team did great on the tour, but Rohit could not help giving his team a good start. India’s eyes are looking toward his bat, smashing knocks and he is fully capable of this.

Virat Kohli in India Vs Pak Match: Asia Cup 2022

This man is the hot topic in every cricket discussion now. He has failed to perform for a long time that’s why he was given rest in the last Indian series as well. It has been a long time since he scored a ton. The critics are following him and bombarding him mercilessly.

The man of experience, can not be written off just for some tough days he is facing right now. He can perform under pressure as he did in the T20 world cup with his 57 runs against Pakistan.

He could not do great in IPL and in the series against England. But still, Kohli lovers are very hopeful of his coming back in high profile match. There is no doubt that he can do it in a great way.