Evolution Gaming Speed Roulette

Evolution Speed Roulette

The quickest online live roulette game in the world, Speed Roulette, was just released by Evolution Gaming, a top provider of live casino solutions.

Fast Roulette is a lightning-fast variation of Evolution’s top live dealer Roulette that is accessible on every desktop, tablet, and smartphone (both for portrait and landscape). Its spin speed varies an average of 25 seconds. The wheel is specially created for this game provided by TCSJOHNHUXLEY, who has a dedicated studio at Evolution’s Riga offices. The table features many cameras for an “immersive” gaming experience, and with skilled live dealers who have undergone specific training to keep the game moving quickly are working the table.

Evolution Speed Roulette

Evolution Speed Roulette Features

The roulette game from Evolution Gambling is 50% faster than the majority of other roulette games. In an hour of gaming time, players can play at least 50 additional games.

The so-called “dead time” is minimised in order to reach this speed. This is the period of time used to wait for bets to be placed by participants. The wheel spins when each wager is put. The dealer closes betting just as the ball starts to slow down. This indicates that the game continues to be played regularly.

The use of video recognition technology is another wonderful feature that quickens the pace of each round. Using this technology, winning numbers can be identified. As a result, it makes each round more valid while also making it happen quickly.

Evolution Gaming has only employed the most skilled live dealers in order to uphold the high standards Live Speed Roulette demands. These dealers have additional training so they can effortlessly steer the hectic activities.

Also, dealers make time to interact with players. A particularly well-liked aspect of Live Speed Roulette is the live chat component, which offers continuous engagement.

Furthermore, Live Speed Roulette provides a few interesting extra options that can personalise the playing experience. They include several sound settings and automated video adjusting.

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