How to play Jili money coming game?

How to play Jili money coming game?

The Money Coming slot machine game contains 3 standard reels, 1 additional reel, and 1 payline. The basic symbols this time around are 0, 1, 5, 10, and double zero. As we previously mentioned, if you manage to form a winning combination on a payline, you will be awarded exciting prizes on a special reel on the right side of the screen. In this scenario, you have the option to play the Wheel of Fortune, get a free replay, or multiply your earnings by ten. Players can find a tonne of cash prizes by following this reel. Overall, it’s a fun game with a distinctive idea.

Tips to play Jili money coming game

  • From one peso to one hundred pesos can be invested. The incentives offered vary depending on the amount invested.
  • 1 peso of bet unlocks 2x, 5x, and RESPIN.
  • Green SCATTER is unlocked by betting more than 5 pesos.
  • The bonus is available for a bet of above 10 pesos. 10x
  • Win more than 50 pesos and receive a Red SCATTER upgrade.

You will have the opportunity to challenge the lucky wheel and will undoubtedly be rewarded if you wager more than 5 pesos and find the green scatter. By wagering more than 50 pesos, you can activate the bonus ten times. The bonus amount will be significantly enhanced, and the original green scatter will be changed to a red scatter.

Coming Game Special Wheel Jili Money

Money Coming doesn’t provide any free games, but there are winning spins that may be had! The prize for the line connect does not have to go to the front wheel. The symbol that the Special Wheel lands on will receive the appropriate special effect!

The special feedback will be delivered depending on the corresponding symbol and won’t be impacted by rotation as long as the special spin symbol is on the line.


All the wheels to the left are eligible for free respins. Re-spin all of the bonuses from this round.

The new sum will be multiplied by the previous one.


You can enter Lucky Spin as long as you exit SCATTER.

Green Scatter

The wager exceeds.

Red Scatter

The prize multiplier has been enhanced and the stake amount has exceeded.

Wheel Symbol Reels Paylines for Jili Money

There is only one pay line on the traditional 3X1 reel. The numbers 10, 00, 5, 1, and 0 make up the board’s combination. The blank does not change the order of the numbers, and there is a possibility to win the reward thanks to a mechanism that randomly reverses the numbers for one round.

Rules for the game Jili Money Coming

  • The winning points are represented by the board combination of digital markings, which are placed in a left to right order.
  • The number sequence is unaffected by empty spaces.
  • The maximum winning points can be increased and more game mechanics can be unlocked by increasing the bet!
  • The special effects of the relevant symbols will be given for the round when you win a prize on the Special Wheel.
  • The prize can be won once more after the respin is initiated.
  • With the Lucky Wheel, a prize is always yours!
  • A round is deemed illegitimate if there is any problem that makes it uncertain how the game will end.

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