Introduction to Chinese Quyi slot game

Introduction to Chinese Quyi slot game

Chinese Quyi is a legal game from a reliable licenced operator, just like all of the other games from KA Gaming, so all you need to win large is a little or a lot of good luck! With a confirmed RTP of 96%, Chinese Quyi is an engaging game where you can actually succeed. Also, all new Betjee clients are eligible for a sizable Welcome Bonus, so click here to open an account and take advantage of our Offer right away.

Do the following actions to begin playing Chinese Quyi

Pick a reliable online casino like

Signup and open an account, then add funds.

Bet Reels are spun.

The slot machine will instantly credit your account with the winnings if you score a winning combination. There are 243 lines in the game, and 12 symbols pay out wins with significant multipliers. The game also features 2 unique components that serve specific purposes. For instance, the Scatter initiates 11 free spins and pays out rewards independent of grid position.

The Wild is yet another significant emblem. It enables you to enhance any combination by creating a lucrative sequence of symbols. The Scatter is the only symbol that the Wild cannot take the place of.


It’s crucial to keep in mind that playing online slots is a game of chance and there is no surefire technique to succeed. Yet, some statistics can help you get a sense of how risky a title is. For instance, RTP is a metric that shows the proportion of money a game can pay out after a certain number of spins, often even hundreds. In other words, it is the portion of your total bets that a specific game is intended to return to you over time.

If a game, for instance, has an RTP of 95.90%, it indicates that, over time, it will return 95.90% of all bets made on it; the remaining 4% is the casino’s profit margin. RTP should not, however, be the only consideration taken into account when selecting a slot, it should be noted. Other elements include things like the game’s volatility. Large payments are promised by high volatility, but their frequency can be decreased.

Several Asian slots have graphics that are rich in colour, detailed, and contain symbols that are related to Asian culture. No exception applies to the Chinese Quyi. The playing area is framed by a red backstage, similar to those used in contemporary Chinese theatres. The grid looks like a thrilling performance is ready to start on a stage.

The slot machine has a traditional “oriental” musical setup that only plays melodies while the reels are spinning. An exquisite ringing is audible when a win appears on the screen, adding to the slot’s relaxing ambiance.

The game’s symbols include playing cards with values ranging from 10 to A as well as “theatrical” props that show up on the screen as part of winning combination patterns. A mention should be made of the drum, the musical instrument, the clothing, the actor, and the actress. The Fan serves as the game’s Wild, and the Scatter is represented by the game’s logo.


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