Brief introduction about Live Dragon Tiger

Brief introduction about Live Dragon Tiger

Ho Gaming’s version of Dragon Tiger is a conventional representation of a well-known and traditional Asian card game, based on the land-based version and features the fundamental betting structure. Essentially, Dragon Tiger is a two-card Baccarat variant featuring three betting options (Dragon, Tiger, and Tie) and is played using a normal card deck. There are optional side bets in various situations.

Ho Gaming has chosen to keep their version of the game plain and has included no additional bets, which will suit everyone who like simple and “uncorrupted” gaming. The platform also has multi-table functionality and complex settings, which are features of Ho Gaming software.


  • A conventional design similar to that found in land-based casinos
  • There are two viewing options, Classic and Grand, that offer various gaming experiences.
  • Several roadmaps that include the information and outcomes from earlier rounds
  • Fully mobile device compatible without losing any of the features
  • A thorough description of the payments and rules, along with the Support tab


How to play it online

Dragon Tiger’s betting structure and layout are quite similar to those of Baccarat. Both full screen and the smaller view with the virtual table are available as viewing options for the player. Place your chosen chips on one of the three betting spots (the table limits are visible in the little window to the right, along with the table number, dealer’s name, and game ID), and the dealer will be prepared to draw.

Players can consult the road maps and the statistics before confirming the wager. Before the bets are settled at the conclusion of each round, the results will be shown on the screen. If the game is started on a mobile device, the layout will be somewhat changed, with all the crucial icons located in the upper right corner. Other than that, there are no substantial changes to the gameplay or software functioning.

Betjee platform, which is both basic and elegant and was created especially for people who appreciate the original layout of Dragon Tiger, offers comfort and quick sessions because of its slick design. On this platform, you can alter the advanced parameters to get exactly what you want from a game of Dragon Tiger.


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